New World’s 1.1.1 update continues November patch clean-up, lays groundwork for server merges


Overnight, Amazon rolled out the weekly patch for New World as expected. The 1.1.1 update is basically a band-aid for the November update that went so awry it deleted gear, stuffed our bank accounts, took down the trading post, and caused rollbacks for some servers.

The patch restores missing horticulturist armor with a now-fixed and tiered chest of equivalent or better gear, re-enables trading of housing items and furniture, fixes jewelcrafting bugs, adjusts the new void gauntlet, tweaks mote drop-rate and harvest drops for elementals (although apparently some critters, like wolves, are still unharvestable), and touches back on tradeskill experience plans.

“Recently we lowered the amount of trade skill XP provided by lower tiered items when a player reaches a new tier of crafting bases per skill. To use metal as an example, when a player unlocks Steel recipes they earn less from crafting iron recipes. We did this to emphasize crafting higher tiered items as you progress through trade skills and to also improve the value of higher tiered materials. Our intention behind this change is to reward players for crafting higher tiered items as they progress through the ranks of each trade skill. Before this change, we found players were spending too much time crafting low tier items as opposed to pushing their crafting skill up crafting items that they may actually use at their current level.”

Finally, if you’ve got an eye on the game’s population, you’ll want to take note of this seemingly minor patch note: “Technical groundwork for server merges.”

Source: Patch notes

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