RuneScape kicks off a free death event on December 6 to gather death system data


Nobody wants to die to a boss, especially when dying in RuneScape can come at some fairly high costs to reclaim items. Starting on Thursday, December 6th, the game will be running a new Frank’s Free Deaths event that makes the cost of dying to certain bosses completely free for a week, with every week focusing on a new boss.

This event not only provides players with a risk-free chance at taking on fights they otherwise may not have but allows the devs to collect data on its death mechanics and how changing it could encourage more players to do PvM content. The announcement post points out that while Jagex has done events of this sort before, they weren’t specifically targeted and the test results were “scattershot” in their findings.

“This is the first step on a long journey toward understanding all of the complexities around reworking death in RuneScape. And it’s a journey we’ve been on for a long time, as we’ve been working through a ton of players feedback on the issue,” the post remarks. “The more we learn, the better equipped we will be to provide a solution.”

Meanwhile, this week in RuneScape features a holiday-themed Yak Track, the start of the annual Advent Calendar, and the continuing Golden Party Hat Hunt event.

source: official site (1, 2)
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