Tabletop-esque MMO World Seed is Kickstarting a 2.0 version


Earlier this year, we checked in on World Seed, a relatively new cross-platform MMO with a tabletop theme created by a lone Swedish designer, Kim Korte, and developed under his Ape Egg studio, which had expanded to add more devs. The game has been building up updates all year, with multiple large-scale content releases and expansion to more browsers and mobile devices.

Now, the studio is working on a 2.0 version of the game – and it’s launched a Kickstarter to fund and market it. “During the development of 2.0 we’ve came to realise that the changes we make to the game are so major that we should release the game as a new title,” group says. “We’re planning on releasing World Seed 2.0 as early access next month! The game will initially be put on Steam. Other platforms will catch up as the year of 2022 proceeds.”

Ape Egg reassures players that the classic version of the game will remain open and playable but will not be developed further. Old in-app purchases and account items (like icons) will transfer to the new game, but nothing else will, so it’ll be a fresh start.

The Kickstarter itself is humble; Ape Egg seeks just under $9000 US, with stretch goals for improved audio, PvP matchmaking, and dynamic dungeons.

The original game as it currently exists is free-to-play in-browser, with a small fee for the Steam version, so you can actually go check it out now if you like.

Source: Official site, press release, Kickstarter

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