Dauntless reworks the chain blades, adds a new Behemoth, and arrives to PS5 and Xbox X/S today


Today not only marks a new release for Dauntless but also a release on new hardware. Slayers can look forward to the Call to Arms update as well as the arrival of the free-to-play monster slaying RPG to the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X and S consoles.

First, the patch: Call to Arms introduces a new shock behemoth by the name of Sahvyt, another Ostian creation that is unleashing havoc in the Shattered Isles as well as another source for new craftable gear. Speaking of the Shattered Isles, the Coldrunner Key and Boreal Outpost hunting grounds have gotten a refresh with inherent story-based activities that will ask players to shore up location defenses and combat Behemoths. These island refreshes represent Dauntless’ first steps in adding “more adventure, story, and player activities” into hunting grounds.

Perhaps one of the bigger highlights of this update is a refresh to the chain blades weapon, which wholesale adjusts the way the weapon’s combos work and makes tweaks to its specials and mods. The new update has also brought on the usual new hunt pass, reward cache refresh, and a number of other bug fixes and overall gameplay changes.

All of this comes to the current crop of consoles as well, with all of the usual bells and whistles a game release on those consoles have like improved visuals, faster load times, and higher resolution. A trailer lauding the launch can be seen below, while Call to Arms is expected to go live at noon Eastern.


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