ArcheAge’s relaunch has been delayed again, this time by just a few hours


If for some reason you’re not playing a certain other game today, then you were probably gearing up for Kakao’s ArcheAge relaunch, which had been delayed from yesterday to today. Unfortunately, it’s been delayed again: The plan was for a 10 a.m. EST kickoff, but that’s now been delayed three hours to 1 p.m.

“[W]e encountered a different issue which means we are unfortunately going to delay by a further 3 hours,” the studio explained. “We discovered an issue where the previous credit balance was not correctly applied in some cases. We are in the process of reapplying credits to those that were affected but we need a bit more time to complete the work. We want to reassure you that no data on your credit balance has been lost and they will be accurately reflected once we go live.”

As we’ve been covering, Kakao announced just last month that it’d be taking over the western publishing of ArcheAge from Gamigo. There’s plenty of time still for you to port your character data over to the new servers.


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