Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker early access is underway in spite of some server outages

Into the unknown.

The time has come, after the delays and the false starts. Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker is live in early access right now, barring something unusual happening this morning. That means players are finally free to explore the game’s fourth expansion and the story promising to cap off a decade of storytelling, reaching back to the game’s initial launch through the relaunch and multiple subsequent expansions. So people are probably more than a little excited clearing through everything the expansion story has to offer right now.

Do note that some servers are offline thanks to increased traffic load, but Square says it’s working on that.

We’ll have our first impressions of the expansion up in a couple of days (the full launch isn’t until December 7th, after all), but until then you can catch up on our news and coverage of the game in the roundup below. You can also check out the full trailer for Endwalker as well as the original trailer that launched 1.0 and was re-uploaded recently on the official YouTube channel. How it started vs. how it’s going, if you will.

Source: Official Site
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