MapleStory’s new anima mage Lara the Earthseer is now playable


Last month, MapleStory released the On Air: Glimpse of Joy update, which added among other things a new character by the name of Lara. However, the new character wasn’t playable at the time of the update’s launch. That has changed as of this week as the new anima mage is now a character that can be selected.

“Earthseer Lara, a member of the Grandis’ Anima race, uses their power to commune with Earth Spirits allowing them the ability to learn the location of Dragon Veins, where spirits gather.”

Of course the rest of the update’s features including daily, weekly, and monthly Maple Live missions, continuing Burning World and Tera Burning Plus events, and quality-of-life improvements like lowered death penalty durations, increased pet loot ranges and pet auto buff slots, and an inventory slot lock feature are still part of the patch. Only now you can play as a rather bubbly anima mage on top.

source: press release
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