Mortal Online 2 now lets players build houses, claim keeps, and grow fresh beards in latest update

You cannot, however, mount a horse while being dead anymore


What is best in life in Mortal Online 2? Is it crushing enemies? Is it seeing them flee? No, it’s owning a nice house and being able to wear a fresh beard, and that’s just what’s possible in the game’s latest beta patch.

Players can now place a house in the land, hammer it into its full state (apparently), and officially make themselves a home. For those who have grander aspirations of what home should be, the update also lets players take ownership of ruined keeps and build them back up with a keep deed. There’s also house vendors, keep vendors, the ability for players to share buildings, and the option to safely log out from the game while inside a home.

The update has also added several other features including a third set of beards and hairstyles to the character creator, along with the usual random assortment of additions like more wildlife, the Clothos Maiden Queen boss fight, new Terror Birds, noticeable rain, new texture quality options to try and alleviate game stutter and VRAM-related crashes, and the end of being able to control a mount while dead; sorry, wannabe liches.

sources: Steam, YouTube via Reddit

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