OrbusVR prepares for the Festival of Strangers and another world boss

Hey, my name is Glen?

The Festival of Strangers has been running for the past several years inĀ OrbusVR, but let’s be realistic… it seems as if there might be some features of the gentleman in the header image that are notable beyond just being a stranger. Like, that crystal club, or the fur? Maybe more noteworthy than the fact that you are not his acquaintance. But hey, the Festival of Strangers is called what it is, and you can participate in it when the event rolls around once more on December 14th.

If you’re not feeling like taking part in a winter event, you can also look forward to the game adding its fourth world boss into the game with the December 14th update, with more details promised for closer to the patch release date. There are also more things planned for the game in celebration of its upcoming fourth anniversary in 2022, so keep your eyes peeled beyond just the Festival of Strangers.

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