Path of Exile is removing Prophecy content from the game in January 2022


There’s a lot of content inĀ Path of Exile, and generally speaking that means over time the amount of stuff in the game increases rather than decreases. So it’s perhaps a bit unusual in light of that overall trend that the game is removing Prophecy content from the game with its next major update in January, but the announcement of this removal also explains the rationale fairly clearly. The Prophecy content was old, not particularly relevant, and generally would have required a lot of work to get up to date, so it’s being removed altogether.

The result is that players will want to use saved Prophecies as well as silver coins and Pale Council fragments before they’re deleted with the release of patch 3.17.0. Unique items previously exclusive to the content will be added to the general drop pool, and fated unique items will either be removed or have the fated version replace the prior version in some cases. Check out the full rundown in the announcement, and make sure to divest yourself of the unneeded baggage before the update divests it for you… permanently.

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