The Wagadu Chronicles shares scads of concept art and preps for next year’s alpha test


It’s been a while since we’ve checked in on the progress of The Wagadu Chronicles, as the last major news coming out of Twin Drums’ afro-fantasy MMO was that its release window was shifting to summer 2023. Obviously, the devs have been very busy since then, with a Twitter feed overflowing with character concept art for its various peoples, a more recent look at boat designs, and calls for positions like a C# programmer and a game rigger/animator. For those who aren’t keen on Twitter, the devs have also created an official art Pinterest board.

Meanwhile, last month’s development update notes tool building to support the game’s first player-filled alpha test that’s kicking off sometime next year, along with word on encounter maps and opponent combinations for the alpha build, previews of work on the alpha’s character creator, and a peek at workstations for the Swala and Emere people.


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