Guild Wars 2 shares an overview of End of Dragons features and deep-dives new legendary weapons


As planned, Guild Wars 2 held a Guild Chat livestream last night that provided an overview of some gameplay features that fans can look forward to when End of Dragons, starting off first with another look at the 16 legendary weapons that the expansion will be bringing to the table. The core set of legendaries designed around the elder dragon Aurene will arrive first, while later updates will see other legendary variants based on the other elder dragons in the game’s fiction. The stream further showcased the Aurene legendaries in action.

The stream offered some lore breakdowns and writing discussions about several EOD NPCs, shared a live tour of the Isle of Reflection guild hall, and then provided a peek at part of the Arborstone Revitalization Mastery track that will feature in the expansion, which will see players build up the social space of Arborstone to add additional features and locations. That said, what is visible to players is individualized despite Arborstone being a social hub: what one players sees at Rank 2 is different from what a Rank 0 player sees.

Turning back to the subject of the new legendary weapons, several ANet devs offered an in-depth look at the shiny new toys, discussing the design of these weapons, the creation of their prismatic visuals, and a rundown of how to get the weapons. That last part is a bit different than normal, as players will only need to forge their chosen legendary once (without the need for masteries) but will go on specific quests to attune that weapon’s appearance to the elder dragon of their choice.

For more End of Dragons coverage, make sure to check out our hands-on with the recent beta with thoughts about the siege turtle mount and the elite spec revamps, and also a recent livestream that was all about loving on the siege turtle.


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