Kakao tackles ArcheAge’s relatively minimal launch issues, opens Snowfang Isle


We are now past day one of Kakao’s operation of ArcheAge, and by most accounts things appear to have gone generally pretty well, apart from the last-minute delays this week. The game is running a little giveaway on Twitter that will reward Labor Rechargers and Manastorm Crystals for hitting certain retweet milestones, while the game’s first event is also live, inviting players to Snowfang Isle for furniture decor, a costume, and buff-granting food items.

The game’s launch hasn’t gone off without a hitch, of course, as there is a fairly long list of known issues currently being tallied. There has also been a problem related to the game’s launcher and Easy AntiCheat, but Kakao assures players that it is on the case.

Overall, reaction to ArcheAge’s second coming is being pretty well-received, with players pointing out lag problems and the aforementioned launcher issues but otherwise lauding Kakao as “communicative” and appearing to work hard on addressing problems. “If you did any other ArcheAge launch (I did them all), this was the best launch by far,” notes one reply. Of course, we’d love to know your own experiences with the game’s launch as well.

sources: Twitter (1, 2), official site (1, 2, 3), Reddit

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