Lord of the Rings Online explains how its delayed legendary item track works


While it was supposed to be a launch day feature for Fate of Gundabad, Lord of the Rings Online’s new legendary item reward track has been delayed into early 2022. Standing Stone Games said that the feature “needs a bit more time before it’s ready,” but at least it’s provided an explanation of how this battle pass-like system will work when it does arrive.

“As you advance along the track, you’ll unlock rewards along the way,” said the studio. “The track is account based, so any of your characters can contribute to its progress. All its rewards are designed to scale to the level of the character that claims them — regardless of when you as the player earned them. The Legendary Reward Track is a method for players to earn enhancement runes, traceries, and other rewards through regular gameplay, and players will advance the track by earning Legendary Item XP. The track will refresh about every three months with a new set of rewards.”

Another project that SSG has been working on is improving the help UI to get players the assistance they need.

And finally in LOTRO news, fan site TheOneRing.net sat down for an hour-long interview with the developers:


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