Final Fantasy XI previews more story developments and master level adjustments for its December patch

That's not a doll, guy.

The Voracious Resurgence continues in Final Fantasy XI with the December version update, and that means the conclusion of the Far Eastern portion of the storyline. We’d say “it’s been a long time coming” but it’s actually been a fairly brief time coming because the story is moving along at a reasonable clip. Still, don’t you want to see where the story goes next? Because you’ll get your chance with the next version update, along with a shot at some new Ambuscade opponents.

Players will also have to adjust to some changes made on behalf of the master level system, with groups of seven or more players having their experience and capacity point gains adjusted downward to hopefully ensure that solo and small-group players can still participate in the system. The team expects more adjustments may need to be made in the future, but the exact details remain to be seen; you’ll have to wait to try the changes for yourself until the patch arrives in the near future.


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