Sea of Thieves Season 5 brings flares, treasure burial, and the return of festive holiday events


There’s a new season now available in the Sea of Thieves, and while it doesn’t have any content on the scale of, say, a crossover with a major IP, what it is bringing is a whole slew of quality-of-life-minded features to make the pirating life just that little bit easier and unique.

As we touched on before, one of the primary features is the ability for players to bury treasure chests themselves and either unearth them later or post them on a mission board for others to find. The update also brings cannon-fired fireworks and flares, a fresh Plunder Pass reward track, a rowboat that has a cannon at the bow, and rats that can be found on ships and scurry above decks when lower decks start to flood among other things.

The new season will also feature two returning holiday-themed events, with the Festival of Giving bringing back Plundered Presents and a number of special voyages between December 13th and the 27th, and Grognamay bringing back in-game grog chugging challenges from December 27th through January 11th. All of that and more is detailed in the patch notes.

sources: press release, official site

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