EVE Online’s mining changes go live, include tweaks to mining waste and the delay of compression changes


Like it or not, the Rorqual and Orca will no longer be lords of space rock nibbling in EVE Online. The New Dawn quadrant’s mining changes are now officially in-game, making tweaks to the aforementioned ship types while applying “major” buffs to mining barges and exhumers, improving both survivability and mining yield.

Readers will recall that the update’s initially proposed changes were met with a severe level of pushback, resulting in a variety of in-game protests. CCP Games offered a dev blog outlining a few adjustments made based on feedback, the most notable of which being some tweaks to the mining waste generated per module type and a delay of compression changes to sometime in early 2022 while the devs re-evaluate its implementation.

As for how this new patch is being taken, there still is a fair bit of grumbling among EVE’s Redditors, many of whom still appear salty over the Rorqual’s tweaks and the addition of a waste mechanic at all among other things. Of course, there are a few others who seem to be happy that whaling is back on the menu.

If you’ve fallen behind on further EVE updates, then the newest episode of Pulse has you covered, talking up the new mining patch as well as the seasonal Winter Nexus event, changes to career agents and skill plans, the phase-out of DirectX 9 support, and the newly released Dark Horse comic.

sources: official site, official forums, Reddit (1, 2) YouTube
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