LEGO Universe emu Darkflame Universe has released its server source code


In the middle of October we had to report the bittersweet news that the LEGO Universe emulator Darkflame Universe was going to shut down but was also going to release its server source code to the general public at sometime before year’s end. That time has now officially come, as the code is available on GitHub.

The operators of Darkflame note on Twitter that they will not offer development help but the attached readme file should have all of the instructions needed in order for fans to get their own LEGO Universe server up and running. That said, a great number of the replies to the tweet note that the instructions are extremely technical and appear to assume the reader has a great depth of coding knowledge, while there are others who claim the readme is well-written and clear. If you are among those looking to set up your own LEGO Universe server, just be wary of what you’re getting in to.

source: Twitter, thanks to Zoward for the tip!

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