The Daily Grind: Which MMO hosted the best event in 2021?


You might be sad to learn that we’re not giving out a formal award for best MMO event this year, but that’s because our writers and our readers never seemed all that enthused by it. And yet I don’t want to let the idea fall by the wayside because we actually got some really nifty events in online gaming this year, from Elder Scrolls Online’s heavy metal gig to the player-run World of Warcraft Crash Cog Cup. I don’t even need to dip into all of Fortnite’s weird events to flesh out my list!

But the one that would’ve had my vote is actually World of Warships: Back in May, Wargaming ran a huge Long Night of Museums campaign that featured “15 different historical and naval museums from around the globe” with museum tours and Q&As with historians, resulting in 17 hours of streamed content spanning the US, Australia, the UK, Taiwan, and Sweden. It was basically a military history education in museums most folks will never get to visit. What a treat for history buffs, even non-gamers!

Which MMO would you say hosted the best event in 2021?

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