Whatever happened to woodpunk survival MMO Last Oasis?


Welcome to another edition of “Whatever happened to,” a series where we touch base with games that have gone silent or dropped off our radar. Today, let’s see what’s going on with Last Oasis, a seasonal woodpunk survival MMO that went into early access back in spring 2020.

Since last we checked in with Last Oasis, the devs added a giant Dune-like sand worm to give you nightmares:

Additionally, Season 4 went into play this past August, an update that arrived with the option for self-hosting servers:

However, since the Season 4 update, Lost Oasis has simmered down considerably. In fact, it hasn’t released any patches or development updates since August, and the playerbase has slimmed to under 500 players at peak.

Responding to community rumors that Last Oasis was going to shut down or not push out any further seasons, Team Donkey Crew said on August 5th, “We’re still actively developing Last Oasis, and have content planned for future updates.”

Source: Steam
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