Astroneer hits the Nintendo Switch on January 13 – here’s the new trailer!


Multiplayer sci-fi sandbox Astroneer has been teasing a Switch launch for a while now, and as of today, we have a hard date: January 13th.

“The date is final! Astroneer will be coming to Nintendo Switch on January 13th,” System Era says. “Starting today, you can pre-order on the E-shop and Nintendo online store here! For early purchasers, we are including a special EXO Outfitters bundle! The Power bundle includes a palette and visor customization set, unlockable in-game on day one. The bundle will be redeemable for all early purchasers till February 28th, 2021.”

While the studio is planning a box release, apparently they’re not ready yet thanks to the ongoing supply chain crisis, but they’re expected “somewhere around mid-February.

“The Nintendo Switch version of Astroneer is the complete experience, including the brand-new Xenobiology update that will introduce mysterious creatures and new adventures. Embark on a narrative focused mission all over the solar system to discover the secrets behind these curious cephalopods. The game has been thoroughly reworked to ensure a great performing experience on Nintendo Switch, with support for pro controllers and local Switch to Switch play.”

Preorders are already live on Nintendo’s site if you’re angling for an easy winter gift; the game’ll be $29.99 on the platform, same as the regular Steam price.


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