Star Trek Online teases a new series on Spacedock covering the ships of the game

It makes you go.

There are a lot of spaceships in Star Trek Online. This is honestly not surprising; it’s a series about spaceships, so it’d be weird if they weren’t there. What other things would you possibly command? Space tractors? But there’s something new being teased on Twitter now, a new series from Spacedock titled Ex Astris: The Ships of Star Trek Online. It’s an official project made with the direct cooperation of the STO team, highlighting the various new ships that players can fly around and outfit with advanced weaponry.

Spacedock, for those unfamiliar, is a YouTube channel that specializes in taking deeper looks at fictional spaceships in depth. It’s covered a variety of video game series in the past, so it makes sense to dip into the same space with a game that’s an extension of a popular fictional property to begin with. There’s no date announced beyond a “coming soon,” but it does promise to be a series, so if you’re keen on seeing what a deeper look at these ships could be like, keep your eyes peeled.

Source: Twitter
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