Elite Dangerous outlines Odyssey Update 9 features and looks forward after a ‘challenging year’

Don't celebrate yet.

The ninth update for Elite Dangerous: Odyssey has come together and is now officially live, and once again there are several lists’ worth of fixes and new additions to the space sandbox.

In terms of new goodies, Update 9 introduces the Scorpion SRV, a two-person combat buggy sporting a turret with a rapid-fire cannon and a missile launcher that fires dumbfire and lock-on ordinance. There’s also a new multi-limpet controller that can program a limpet to perform one of a given set of tasks depending on the type of module, the opportunity to find mission NPCs on settlements, and improved atmospheric lighting.

As for fixes, the patch addresses stations popping into existence from supercruise, adds another round of optimization adjustments, and applies several targeted fixes for matters affecting settlements, missions, rendering, and more. Horizons has also gotten an update that adds the multi-limpet controller, a couple of stability fixes, and a few general fixes.

In the lead-up to Update 9, lead community manager Athur Tolmie offered a forum post that talked about what was in the works for December and beyond. The game’s final livestream of 2021 set for Thursday, December 16th, will showcase in-development work on fleet carrier interiors as well as bring on a developer to answer questions, while the post notes development of other things like a new settlement defense mission type and an assessment of features like the engineering process. Players can expect more details in January.

Finally, Tolmie’s post offered some words of thanks to the community for helping Frontier Developments through a “challenging year,” writing, “[W]e are proud and grateful of our community. It is our community’s continued love and support that drives us forward each and every day.”

source: official forums (1, 2, 3), thanks to Eggbert for the tip!
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