Raph Koster and Playable Worlds won’t announce their MMO until next year


While legendary MMO developer Raph Koster hasn’t held back from writing essay after essay about game theory this year, the one thing he hasn’t spilled yet are the details about Playable World’s MMO that will be attached to a larger gaming “metaverse.” Unfortunately, we’re not going to get the full scoop on this until 2022, as the studio said that it’s delaying the announcement for now.

“We’ve been pretty quiet on news about the game,” wrote a studio representative in Discord, “instead focusing on the underlying tech we’re developing. Sadly, we’ve decided to delay our official announcement and game details until next year. Don’t worry, game development is still underway and we’re making great progress.”

As a consolation gift to smooth over the pain of waiting, the studio released some concept art of nine of Charmander’s cousins that will be in the game.

Source: Twitter
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