The Elder Scrolls Online brings back the New Life holiday event on December 16


It’s time to feel the holiday spirit in The Elder Scrolls Online as the game’s New Life winter holiday is coming back on Thursday, December 16th. The quest that starts the event can be picked up for free from the Crown Store, guiding players to Herald Breda in Eastmarch.

Once the intro quest is out of the way, it’s time to take on dailies for gift boxes full of returning seasonal goodies along with new things like a Powderwhite Coney pet and a random page for the Nord Carved Armor style.

Each open gift box also rewards two types of Charity Writs that can be collected to earn the Skaal Explorer outfit style and the Rkindaleft Dwarven weapon style, along with event tickets that can once again be used to purchase the past year’s quarterly event rewards. Clearing the introductory quest will also reward the Bottomless Mead Mug collectible that grants a two hour-long 100% XP boost during the event.

This year’s New Life will run between December 16th and January 4th, so ready yourself to chase those specific gifts.

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