Old School RuneScape adds a Grand Exchange tax and item sink system, proposes death pile changes to Ultimate Ironman


The winds of change are continuing to blow over Old School RuneScape, which shouldn’t be a surprise since that’s just how MMORPGs roll. Specifically, this week’s update has introduced a 1% sales tax on items sold on the Grand Exchange, though items sold for less than 100 gold and specific items used by new players are exempt from this new tax.

Working in concert with this new digital taxation system is an item sink system that will seek to attack inflation by spending collected taxes on various expensive items from sellers, then deleting those items once the trade is complete. Finally, the update has made a couple of changes to skulling in order to address specific exploits and “skulltricking”

In other OSRS news, the devs at Jagex are proposing a tweak to dropped items upon death in Ultimate Ironman mode, making the so-called death pile attached to a character instead of attached to the game world, which would mitigate players losing items due to circumstances out of their control such as a connection issue.

source: official site (1, 2)
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