Vindictus brings its newest katana-wielding hero Dan-Ah to the action MMO


if you thought that the action combat MMO Vindictus was somehow lesser because it didn’t feature a holy powered lady slicing things up with a big-ass katana, consider yourself satisfied as last week saw the game introduce Dan-Ah, it’s 19th hero, to the roster.

“Dan-Ah is a warrior who was exiled from the underworld and came to the land of the living. Dan-Ah uses the Soulblade to make measured attacks, along with a repertoire of soul-powered abilities. In battle, she can throw her weapon and teleport to it, and unleash the power of souls from her weapon to vanquish foes quickly. Dan-Ah’s disciplined yet fancy skills make her an exciting character to play.”

The new arrival is being celebrated with a couple of events including a level-up event that runs until Tuesday, January 11th, and a free celebratory package delivered to the first character logged in to an account full of Dan-Ah-specific goodies. There’s also a Golden Time event and login rewards to gather. Finally, Vindictus’ most recent update brings a new comrade, reward changes for Abyssal Arena, and a number of bug fixes.

source: press release
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