Blade and Soul adds new PvP accessories and wintry events in the Winter Soulstice update


No, that word isn’t misspelled; Blade and Soul’s latest update is literally called Winter Soulstice, primarily because there are a number of winter-themed celebration events going on, and partially because the devs can’t miss the opportunity at a good pun related to their MMORPG.

The primary feature of this patch is four new events like the Winter Wonders Festival that lets players earn seasonal Snowballs to craft items that can then be turned in for various rewards, including a Snowman that can be used to spin a Wheel of Fate. Speaking of that Wheel of Fate, another event grants goodies for spinning the wheel in Northreach at least 15 times, while other events offer reduced upgrade costs for Thornbreaker weapons and provide a free goodie box for simply logging in. The free rewards box in question is only available on December 25th, while the other events run between now and January 19th.

The other highlight of the patch is the addition of two new PvP accessories in the form of the Dawnsmite Gloves and Sunseeker Bracelet. Incidentally, the arrival of these new items means some transformation cost changes for other PvP gloves and bracelets at a lower tier, all of which is outlined in the patch notes along with other update details.

In other BnS news, the mobile MMORPG Blade and Soul 2 saw its first post-launch update in South Korea last week, adding a new area with new bosses, quests, and heroic weapon drops. Readers will recall that the MMO launched to the region on August 26th and still has no global release details as of yet, which might be for the best; according to reporting from MMO Culture, the Korean version’s launch has been plagued by technical and community-related issues, which is why this post-launch update is so long in coming.

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