Lord of the Rings Online releases new instance, Anor unlock this week


Even though Lord of the Rings Online’s Tuesday update is slipping to Wednesday thanks to a bug that SSG is hammering out in the Yule festival, the patch promises a couple of exciting developments to the MMO before the holiday lull.

The first big change this week is the addition of one of LOTRO’s trademark hard-to-pronounce dungeons, Adkhât-zahhar. “This is a new 6-person Instance in Fate of Gundabad, now available from Tiers 1 through 3,” SSG said. “In addition, a new quest accompanying the opening of Adkhât-zahhar, the Houses of Rest, is available to players who have completed the storylines of the Pit of Stonejaws and the Welkin-lofts!”

Players over on the Anor progression server are going to have a lot more to do, too, as the next big content unlock happens. This will open up the Grey Mountains, Vales of Anduin, and Shades in the Swamp while raising the level cap to 120.

Finally, legendary items on the regular servers are getting a new cap of 470 for level 140 players.

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