Nightingale is all about choices, challenges, and consequences, Inflexion CEO says


We’re calling dibs on creating a character named “Florence” for Inflexion Games’ newly announced Nightingale. But even if we don’t get that, we’re still pumped to play this intriguing Victorian perhaps-an-MMO-but-perhaps-not survival sandbox.

What we want most of all, of course, is information. This is why we devoured a new interview over at Eurogamer that covered the actual scope of the game.

Former BioWare lead Aaryn Flynn said that the title will take place in a alternate Victorian-era world that isn’t Earth — if you couldn’t tell by the presence of magic and realm-hopping portals. Players will find themselves stranded among these realms, trying to return to the central city of Nightingale.

“When you decide to go exploring in these realms, you get to make choices about how you want to tackle the adventures, how you want to participate in them,” said Flynn. “Each challenge has different outcomes and each decision has different consequences.”

Flynn confirmed that while there’s the option to play solo or with others (to an unspecified number – we’ve asked; they’ve not answered), Nightingale does not have PvP. He said that the combination of the visually distinctive Victorian influences and a “really cool” magic system will be part of the hook to draw players into this world.

Nightingale has not announced any testing or release dates other than a vague assurance that some people will be invited to test on PC in 2022. You can sign up for a test spot on the website.

Source: Eurogamer
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