City of Heroes Rebirth rogue server kicks off the Fright Before Christmas event, adds ice power changes and new customizations


While the Rebirth rogue servers for City of Heroes might not garner all of the attention, they’re still no less busy in terms of content updates. Case in point: the Fright Before Christmas update, which as its name suggests mashes together Halloween and Christmas into a single event as well as adds new goodies for players to enjoy.

The titular holiday event dresses up some familiar Halloween monsters in Christmas season cosmetics, then stuffs them in presents found around the game’s world. Defeating these mobs reward both candy cane and Halloween salvage currencies, which can be used to purchase Lords of Winter and All Hallows’ Eve super packs respectively. The event even features six new badges for the badgers in the audience.

This latest update also makes some merry with the ice powerset, adding new appearance options for players to craft their perfect chilly superhero and tweaking a few ice powers. Ice powers have also been proliferated across different archetypes, adding ice melee to scrappers and stalkers, ice armor for scrappers, and cold domination for masterminds.

The update has also added new costume options like tail feathers, a chain gun, and new asymmetrical design choices; added two new enhancement sets; rebalanced the goodies found in certain super packs; and made several quality-of-life changes and bug fixes. The patch notes have all of the granular details.

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