Mobile MMO EVE Echoes launches the Yoiul Festival for the winter holiday


EVE Echoes joins the chorus of MMORPGs getting a holiday event this month, as NetEase and CCP Games announced today that the Yoiul Festival has begun. And as far as holiday motifs go, the mysterious spacey ones are among my favorites.

“In the lore of the EVE universe, the Yoiul Festival is an annual holiday festival that is celebrated by the Capsuleers of New Eden. This year, with the theme of Golden Age, the Yoiul Festival is about to kick off a new trend that calls for an appreciation for the past,” the devs say. In addition to multiple events that see players snapping up special login rewards, exploring the galaxy, and treasure hunting, the game is seeing an update with new citadel structures.

“The Yoiul Festival is bringing exciting new events to EVE Echoes, which will launch alongside the Gravitational-wave Graphs, the Anomaly Detection Array and Base Detection Array, and the Golden Age Nanocores and Sun Chaser Navigation System. The players who log-in throughout the event will be rewarded with new items and the chance to learn more about the history of New Eden.”

EVE Echoes, of course, is a mobile version of EVE Online that released to iOS and Android last year.

Source: Press release
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