V Rising’s newest video provides a closer look at combat, still plans for a December closed beta


As a freshly awakened vampire in the world of V Rising, combat is just going to be an inevitable part of unlife. With that in mind, the game’s most recent video preview provides a look at just how combat goes down, both in a PvE and a PvP sense.

The video offers a brief peek at various fight-filled moments against monsters, at least two other players, and even a quick look at some mounted combat and what it’s like to be a vampire hanging out in daylight as sunlight burns the player character alive and shadows provide respite. A press release attached with the video talks up the ability to wield a mixture of melee and ranged weapons, spells, and fangs, along with WASD-based movement and combinations of tracking and aimed attacks for a customized combat experience.

As of the game’s last development update blog post, which was shared at the beginning of December, V Rising is still eyeballing a closed beta test sometime this month, though once again it was noncommittal as to just when in this month it will happen. At the very least, you can imagine what playing the game is like in the video below.

sources: press release, YouTube, official site
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