Neverwinter announces Dragonbone Vale module for January 11, kicks off winter festival today

Also, it has grappling hooks

Remember back in October when PWE and Cryptic were teasing a new module coming to Neverwinter in the new year? As of today, it’s been officially announced: It’s called Dragonbone Vale and is slated to launch on PC on January 11th, with a console launch to follow on February 8th. It’ll mark the 22nd module added to the game since launch, and then the studios will follow that up with Scaleblight Mythal.

“The upcoming update for the free-to-play Dungeons & Dragons® MMORPG will have adventurers return to the Sword Coast to stop Valindra Shadowmantle and the Cult of the Dragon as they plan to bring undeath to dragons across Faerûn and beyond. Along with a new campaign, the module will introduce a new adventure zone, brand-new grappling hook traversal mechanics that have never been available before in Neverwinter, a new 10-player trial [The Crown of Keldegonn] featuring the grand return of Valindra, new heroic encounters, an Enchantment and Refinement overhaul and more. Additionally, another new content update will bring a new epic adventure, Scaleblight Mythal, which will soon be available for players to experience the ending of the Dragonbone Vale story, and offer a new massive neighborhood to explore. Adventurers will have access to this content on PC beginning February 8 and on consoles starting March 8.”

Did you catch the grappling hooks part?

“For the first time ever in Neverwinter, players will be able to zip around specific, designated areas of the Dragonbone Vale adventure zone with a new grappling hook, making exploration even faster and more epic than ever before. At the beginning of the module’s campaign, players will be given this tool to equip and explore all the areas the zone has to offer, with select areas offering story events and rewards.”

In other Neverwinter news, the Winter Festival of Simril has begun as of this morning, opening the Twilight Run sled race, ice fishing, stargazing, the traditional lightshow, and Monsters on Ice events for players. Naturally, there a plenty of rewards in it for you, including a minipet fox.

Source: Official site, press release, event
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