Frozen Flame’s latest patch adds new skills, new floating islands, and new cubes

Is this about my cube?

Don’t you love cubes? Frozen Flame’s latest patch is hoping you love some cubes because one of the big things that it’s adding are new nightly drops of Mystic Cubes that players will need to track down and access for fancy rewards. It’s time for a good old-fashioned cube chase, just like your grandfather used to do! (And if that’s the case, you might now be forced to acknowledge that your grandfather was a bit odd.) You’ll have some new abilities to use while you do so, too, as the ability tree has added a new defensive cooldown and a wide-area enemy taunt ability.

Players can also make use of floating islands now to build bridges between islands or even housing and the like if they wish to; while the floating bits of land decay faster, it’s a chance to build some suspended structures if you want. Check out the full rundown of major patch changes if you’re curious about all of the other improvements; there are a lot even without the fun of hunting down cubes.

Source: Steam
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