Old School RuneScape wraps up the year’s updates with a Christmas event

Ugly ugly ugly.

For the final update of the year, Old School RuneScape wants you to learn what it sees as the true meaning of Christmas, which is apparently “helping very stupid people fix what they screwed up.” (You may recall that we already opined the true meaning is actually running around as a snowman in a snow maze.) See, a squire washed a Santa suit alongside a suit of armor, and while you don’t usually wash fabrics and metals together, for whatever reason he’s wound up with a suit of pink armor that’s… well, not really ready for festive occurrences.

It is assumed that the squire’s name is Trab.

Naturally, this is a problem that can be solved only by an intrepid adventurer so that the squire doesn’t get what’s coming to him, and so it is hoped that you’re enough of a sucker to help the poor sap out. The patch also contains some changes to item sinks as well as assorted bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements; check out the full rundown to catch up ahead of fixing the holiday disaster.

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