Project Gorgon adds Alharth’s holiday season, preps level 85 dungeon for next week


Early access MMORPG Project Gorgon has had an interesting year: Last spring, it added an optional subscription, a sub perks system, and an offline leveling system, followed by a fall update that introduced animal husbandry and Povus, a city that players themselves have to level up. Now, it’s time for a winter event, which the game dubs Alharth’s holiday season.

“All the townsfolk that you’ve befriended (meaning you have Friends favor-level or higher) will have gifts for you when you speak to them. Make sure to have your favorite combat skills active, because if they give you equipment, it will likely be tailored to those skills. The human celebration of Ri-Shin is also in full force, and townsfolk in every town and settlement [except Povus] need your help setting up their Ri-Shin trees! Look for townsfolk wearing a red festive Ri-Shin hat. There are trees to set up in Serbule, Serbule Hills, Eltibule, Kur, Gazluk, Ilmari, Rahu, the Fae Realm, Sun Vale, and Red Wing Casino.”

This week’s patch adds new gifts for regular and VIP players too, along with tweaks to the UI and animations. Eldergame is also promising an additional update next week to include a level 85 dungeon.

Source: Steam
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