Temtem releases its final island and last main story but promises updates and features will continue


Temtem, the critter collecting early access MMO, has apparently fully laid its foundation with the game’s latest update, which introduces the final zone of Arbury Island, the final part of its main story, and the last 31 Tems to the game’s roster, which closes at a cap of 165 different monsters. The update also adds achievements (aka Kudos), performance improvements, and a smoothed XP earning curve. The patch notes offer all of the details.

With this update, one might be forgiven for thinking this patch is last before the end of Temtem’s early access. However, developer Crema would like to make clear that’s not necessarily the case:

“Needless to say, you don’t need to worry about Temtem shutting down: we have plans for continued support for it, including past 1.0 launch. Apart from the basic content that is currently missing, there’s still so, so much we want to deliver in terms of features and gameplay loops that (we believe) will give Temtem a long-lasting life, and don’t forget there’s still a whole new end-game area to discover!

“So please don’t be concerned when the credits roll in, this is not the end! It’s just the final brooch to a story we embarked on years ago, and you’ll be promptly returned to the Archipelago as soon as they finish, so you can keep enjoying the world of Temtem.”

As for those future features, players can look forward the addition of mounts, dojo wars, a trading house, a public API, and plans for a cross-progression system. So while this new update might represent the end of the story, it doesn’t mean the end of updates.


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