Atlas considers PvP server merging, ARK adds a free map and heralds the return of RaptorClaus


This news story bundles a tale of two multiplayer survival sandboxes from the same general studio: ARK: Survival Evolved and Atlas. We’ll start with the piratical sandbox of Atlas first, which this month asked its players whether they want to merge all of the game’s PvP servers into one global cross-play PvP server. The vast majority of emote responses (yes, that’s how they’re polling, with emotes) spoke in favor of the move.

In other Atlas news, the most recent patch sets the table for the game’s upcoming season, which will expand the game’s map and bring the full Wonders system online. The patch otherwise attacks a number of bugs currently in the title.

As for ARK, the newest update has made the fan-built Lost Island map an official free DLC for the game on PC and console. This new island brings 150 square kilometers of new biomes, three new dinos, and lots of treasure to discover.

The update has also kicked off the game’s Winter Wonderland seasonal festival, which means RaptorClaus is back to drop high-end loot, Mistletoe, and Coal every in-game night. GachaClaus is also back to let players turn in their Mistletoe and Coal for new skins, new chibis, and a full-body Santa suit.

sources: Atlas forums (1, 2), press release
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