Book of Travels just had serious layoffs as Might and Delight cuts team from 35 to 10

'Production pace' of the game will also be affected


The end-of-the-year hits just keep coming, and I mean the bad kind: Book of Travels studio Might and Delight just announced a round of layoffs the week before Christmas.

“In light of the launch not going quite as well as we had hoped, we have had to make some rather big, and difficult, cutbacks to our beloved team,” the studio says. “In order to stay alive, we have been forced to cut down our team from around 35 people to 10 people. Saying goodbye to so many skilled, trusted and loved Might and Delighters has been, without a shadow of a doubt, our most difficult test in our 11 year history.”

While your heart is probably worried about the 25 people who just got laid off, the team does address the future of the game too.

“Understandably, many of you will wonder how this is going to affect the game going forward. We have suffered a setback and as a result the production pace of coming content WILL be affected. We want to be transparent regarding that. However, we also want you to know that the team that remains is determined and hell bent on two things: surviving and bringing the best possible content to the game. We will do whatever it takes to keep Book of Travels going, and continue to bring it and the company forward together with you. We want to end by sharing this sentiment; Might and Delight have always been a company that has thrived on the edge and in the margins. We have always sacrificed much in order to bring our visions to life, sometimes going against the smartest strategy in favour of a path closer to our hearts.”

MMO readers will recall that Book of Travels is a “tiny MMO” originally Kickstarted back in 2019 for $261,000; it hit early access this past fall, though its player numbers have remained low and our own previewers found the game baffling.

Our sympathies extend to the affected workers.

Source: Kickstarter
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