Secret World Legends brings the Krampusnacht seasonal holiday back for another year


Tradition is well and good, but in the case of the Krampusnacht holiday event’s return for another year in Secret World Legends, it’s hard not to feel like this is another case of Funcom pulling the marionette strings on a corpse puppet. Still, any reason for the season in the spookiest MMO in the genre, right?

If you’ve been here before, there are likely no surprises to be found here: head into Nilfheim, fight various forms of the demonic Krampus, get login rewards, and complete quests. What is different, according to the tweeted announcement, is that there won’t be six months of Winter Caches constantly dropping on players’ heads this year. So that’s nice.

For those who somehow missed out on Krampusnachts of years prior, our Chaos Theory guide from 2017 will likely still have all of the relevant steps one needs to survive SWL’s holiday season. The event is running between now and Tuesday, January 4th.

source: Twitter
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