New World addresses engagement, merges, faction swaps, and copyright strikes ahead of today’s patch

Yargh? Small yargh?

Amazon sent ’round a New World state-of-the-game missive last night, recapping its development over the fall since its launch, admitting to mistakes, addressing merges, and even enthusing about the game’s playerbase.

“We’re pleased with the player engagement we’re seeing, showing hours of entertainment for the average player per session. We’re excited to keep introducing new content to the New World community to continue that value. With our Winter Convergence event underway, we’re excited about celebrating the holidays with you, Aeternum-style. We’ve heard you loud and clear about more mid-game and directed content, and more end-game activities while keeping bugs at a minimum. Over the next few months, we’ll be focusing on a new end-game feature that will include new rewards, we’ll spend an entire release on fine tuning balance. More quests for the mid game are on the way, as well as a steady pace of new features and fine-tuning for existing ones. We’re going to continue working as hard as we can to make New World a game you’ll keep coming back to for years to come. Sometimes we will make mistakes, but we’ll always remain committed to listening to the community and improving the game.”

In the forums, the studio has further addressed the post-merge game, telling players that it will be resetting faction choices to allow everyone to choose again on new servers, though of course you can’t change to the “winning” side. “We plan to reassess and address all struggling servers in early 2022,” the studio notes. “We’ll continue taking feedback on these server merges and are currently planning to release a second round of transfer tokens in early 2022.”

In other New World news, remember all the hubbub about the YouTuber who claimed he’d received a copyright strike over a video he’d uploaded to help report a bug? Amazon posted that it’s working with the YouTuber to resolve it; according to the studio, the strike was meant to target a goldselling ad YouTube had placed on the video, not the video itself. “By mistake, the video was reported instead, we have since removed the strike and the video is live again,” the team says.

Patch notes for today’s update are now live as well, though it’s a shortie.

Source: Official site. Cheers, Michael.
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