Pantheon is still planning to roll into alpha in 2022, teases a ‘new pledge tier’


Pantheon’s latest newsletter is a mix of recap and previews, beginning with reminders about the game’s “seven-figure investment” back in January, an influx of new hires, the roadmap, Fortress DeViare, the NPC demo, multiple pre-alpha sessions, the monk, and seamless world plans.

“We will continue to move toward Alpha in 2022, add more team members and make some significant announcements,” Visionary Realms says (the game originally attempted Kickstarter in 2014). “Expect more guest streams, bigger guest streams, more events, more Pre-Alpha sessions and a new pledge tier. Also expect communication to continue with regular updates in the newsletters, podcasts and dev streams. Word has it we may even see a new pledge tier in 2022.”

The current roadmap shows the team in progress on class development, the network overhaul, crafting, newbie experience, and rendering pipeline conversion, with pets, ability loadouts, the perception system, factions, guilds, banks, LFG, player models, and activities like swimming and climbing still on the to-do list.

Source: Newsletter
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