Crowfall after the Monumental acquisition: ‘Capital, support, and fresh energy to accelerate our exciting plans’


The shockwaves surrounding Crowfall’s acquisition by Monumental just days after an alleged investor report said that the game was on the brink of failure are still being felt in the community and the team itself.

However, Executive Producer Gordon Walton expressed optimism in his year-end wrap-up of the MMO, saying, “We’re excited to be working with the Monumental team! This move provides us with the capital, support, and fresh energy to accelerate our exciting plans for Crowfall. We’ll be expanding the team and updating our roadmap. We’ll share the details with the community as soon as it’s ready next year.”

Walton traced the accomplishments of the team since the launch, including running campaigns, making quality-of-life improvements, and opening up the free trial.

Crowfall is currently running its Merry or Miser holiday event through January 2nd.

Source: Crowfall
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