Final Fantasy XIV prepares Heavensturn for January 5


It’s almost time for a new year to arrive in Final Fantasy XIV (also, the real world) once again. The key difference is that while the new year starts at January 1st for all of us here in the aforementioned real world, players in FFXIV will need to wait until January 5th to kick off the game’s Heavensturn event once more. And can you guess what this year’s main event reward is going to be? If you said “themed animal kabuto,” you have been paying attention over the past decade!

Players can also pick up a new tiger-themed screen for housing spaces because it is the year of the tiger and thus you already know that there are going to be big kitties roaming around. Possibly miqo’te, too, although given player distributions, we’d say that was likely anyhow. Check out the event page ahead of the event itself going live; it’s just about time to celebrate the new year with some grandiose cats.

And if you’ve forgotten, Halloween is also happening this month. Yes, this month. FFXIV’s event schedule got a little messy.

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