Star Wars Galaxies Legends is holding its annual memorial for Carrie Fisher today


While Life Day celebrations in the Star Wars Galaxies Legends rogue server are continuing to roll forward, today is also another anniversary: the passing of beloved actress Carrie Fisher, which is once again being commemorated in the MMORPG.

“Our Galaxy far far away wouldn’t be the special place we know it as without the endearing presence of someone truly special within the Star Wars universe. […] [Fisher’s] presence and energy persists as a huge part of our hearts as Star Wars fans, her fire is ingrained into the soul of the game and all of Star Wars itself.”

Players of SWGL are invited to attend a memorial at Dee’ja Peak on Naboo starting at 6:00 p.m. EST today to pay respects and celebrate the life of Carrie Fisher. Those who offer a quick /bow2 and attend the event for at least five minutes will be granted a unique memorial in-game item. Fans are also being encouraged to share their favorite memories with the game’s team, with some of them to be shared via in-game messages during the event. Details of the event, as well as time conversions for global players, are posted on the game’s forums.

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