Pirates of the Burning Sea teases ‘legacy’ edition coming soon


Arr, there be some life left in Pirates of the Burning Sea’s sails, after all! Shortly before the dev team broke for the holidays, it teased an image on Twitter that mentioned that the long-awaited legacy version of the game is “coming soon.”

Legacy isn’t a new concept but rather one that the team’s been talking about for well over a year now. “The Legacy server’s destination is a recreation of the past, and the classic game of its time. Its purpose is to make the classic game available to players who prefer that style of PotBS,” the team posted in its January 2021 newsletter.

According to the official Discord, the Legacy server will be based on the Patch 2.10 build — without subsequently discovered exploits closed — and will be available to subscribers only without any microtransactions. Name reservations are expected to go up after the holidays.

POTBS was originally founded by Portalus and was even a SOE MMO for a while; it’s currently run with Portalus’ blessing by Vision Online Games, a player group founded to rescue the game from sunset.

Source: Twitter
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