Daybreak bans over 800 ‘egregious’ bug exploiters in DC Universe Online for Christmas


While Update 119 of DC Universe Online brought plenty of things to the game intentionally, one thing that was unintentional was a pretty serious bug that impacted all systems in the game that utilize fortification, which reportedly allowed a whole lot of players to exploit the issue. However, Daybreak has been dealing with these cheaters and as of two weeks ago has already sent over 800 of them into indefinite suspension for “egregiously” exploiting said bug.

According to the game’s senior community manager, the bug in question was “one of the most obscure and challenging bugs / exploits [he has] personally seen in these past (nearly) 12 years,” requiring the devs of DCUO to work all hours to come up with a solution. Even so, that solution was a week in the making, which the post apologizes for.

The announcement also acknowledges that the bug may have caused some characters to suddenly be missing things like feats and origin augments, and it promises that fixes to affected characters are coming in the new year. A development update in January to explain the situation is also planned, along with an expected continuation of account bans into January and beyond pending further investigation. For now, DCUO should be rest assured that Daybreak is on the case.

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