Elyon plans to merge NA and EU servers into a single server for each region in February


Elyon is giving its players plenty of advance notice of some upcoming server merge plans as the devs seek to bring all current EU and NA servers into a single server for each region: Andromeda for EU players and Cassiopeia for NA players. The post states that a hard calendar date for this merging isn’t set in stone and could change later, but the window for these merges is sometime in mid-February.

In the meantime, the devs are going to halt account creation on EU’s Sagittarius and Perseus and NA’s Eridanus servers after maintenance on Wednesday, January 5th, though players who already have accounts on those servers will still be able to access, play, and create new characters normally; new accounts can still be created on both Andromeda and Cassiopeia in the meantime. Furthermore, matchmaking for content will still be operational. As a token of appreciation for players on Sagittarius, Perseus, and Eridanus, Elyon’s devs will be handing out a token that grants 30 day buffs to players on those servers.

A quick check of Steam Charts shows that player counts have dropped by over 57% in the last 30 days, with just over 1,700 players in the game’s last 24-hour peak. With that in mind, consolidating servers for both EU and NA players definitely makes a fair bit of sense.

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