Pantheon’s dev roundtable goes into the ‘art of combat’

So, probably not.

If the meat-and-potatoes of MMO combat is what brings you the joy in gaming, then you’re going to want to dine on an hour of Pantheon devs talking about how fighting systems will work in this upcoming title.

Creative Director Chris Perkins and Associate Game Designer Adam Mostel spent December’s VIP developer roundtable discussing many different aspects of Pantheon’s combat. Topics covered included different NPC fighting styles, the support role, damage calculation, and raid difficulty.

The devs also dropped some brand-new information that even die-hard Pantheon fans weren’t aware of, which is the inclusion of the sprint skill in the game. “There’s just so many really, really fun combat-related implications to sprint,” the devs said, going on to confirm that this ability will be present in the first testing session of 2022.

Another change is that the devs are removing critical hit chance for spells, as the team wanted to take RNG out of the equation for “deliberate” and “costly” spellcasting.

Source: YouTube
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